Monday, September 26, 2011

Block Party Recap and Photos

Hi neighbors!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2nd annual block party on Saturday, September 10th.

Check out some photos -

Please share any you took that day as well.

Special thanks to -
  • Pinky for doing some extraordinary face painting for the kids.  You have a real talent!
  • Jack and Eddie for coordinating an awesome live jazz performance and Toland for the power.  So many people said that was the highlight of the day
  • Sabrina for baking such lovely sweet things and putting out tables
  • Donald for coordinating the fire truck
  • Ezra and Nancy for putting out the tires for kids to play in
  • Tokumbo and other neighbors for putting up signs to publicize the event
  • Any neighbor who hosted a stoop sale, invited friends, helped out, shared food and just all around appreciate the neighborhood vibe of the block party
Look out for details on our next meeting and big event - the holiday gathering.  It was a great success last year - let's continue to build the block community. 

Warm regards,


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