Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cumberland Block Association Presents: Block Party! Sat Sep 8th noon - six

Hi neighbors!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!  Please save the date for our 3rd annual Cumberland Street block party.

Saturday September 8th
Noon to Six
Cumberland Street b/t Greene and Lafayette Ave

This year we are looking to have a great party with:

  • Afternoon live jazz trio
  • Fire truck from the local station
  • BBQ / potluck (please add what you'd like to bring or help out with on this signup sheet)
  • Stoop sales (noon - six)
  • Bouncy castle
  • Face painting for kids
  • DJ

Please invite your neighbors and friends around the neighborhood.  (Here is the info flyer).  We'd love to have a big turnout this year!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Block Party Recap and Photos

Hi neighbors!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2nd annual block party on Saturday, September 10th.

Check out some photos -

Please share any you took that day as well.

Special thanks to -
  • Pinky for doing some extraordinary face painting for the kids.  You have a real talent!
  • Jack and Eddie for coordinating an awesome live jazz performance and Toland for the power.  So many people said that was the highlight of the day
  • Sabrina for baking such lovely sweet things and putting out tables
  • Donald for coordinating the fire truck
  • Ezra and Nancy for putting out the tires for kids to play in
  • Tokumbo and other neighbors for putting up signs to publicize the event
  • Any neighbor who hosted a stoop sale, invited friends, helped out, shared food and just all around appreciate the neighborhood vibe of the block party
Look out for details on our next meeting and big event - the holiday gathering.  It was a great success last year - let's continue to build the block community. 

Warm regards,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Save the date: 2nd Annual Block Party! Sat Sep 10th

Cumberland Block Association


Block Party!

September 10th

Stoop Sales
fire truck
face painting
Potluck / Bbq
music by dj steevy dee

*Call for musicians for
sunset jazz*

Invite your friends!

Questions? Suggestions? contributions?


Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Pot Luck Gathering wrap up

Hi neighbors!

What a great turnout for our holiday pot luck gathering yesterday evening!

We welcomed new and veteran Fort Greene neighbors from 1- 70+ - sharing stories, drinking wine and sparkling cider, while munching on homemade goodies including pozole (Mexican corn soup), hot wings, mac n' cheese, gingerbread cookies and a coconut cake with marshmallow snowmen on top!

Thanks for coming out and to all who contributed to our delicious feast.  And a special thanks to Howard for hosting us in his beautifully restored home.

Happy holidays and happy new year!

Cumberland Block Association

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Official Crime is on the Rise - Bring Back the Beat

There have been a couple incidents on our block recently, so please be careful and consider the request below to help deal with the issue of increased crime in the neighborhood.
Reprinted from the Fort Greene Association blog
Fort Greeners,
The 88th precinct has finally admitted to what community leaders have been saying for over two years, that crime is on the rise in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.  Fort Greeners don't take issues like this sitting down, they take action.  Last night at the FGA November Meeting a SRO crowd began to take action  by demanding the return of Beat Cops to Fort Greene and Clinton Hill by signing and sending letters to Commission Kelly as part of our "Bring Back the Beat" campaign.

Now it's time for you to do your part.  Either use the letter as a starting point for your own personalized version or download the letter and mail it to the Commissioner today.  While social media and email have their place they do not replace the old analog form of the good old letter.

I ask you to take the time today to protect your neighborhood, your family, your children by participating in our Bring Back the Beat campaign.

Paul Palazzo
FGA Chair

Download the letter to print or copy and paste from below.
Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly
NYC Police Department Headquarters
One Police Plaza
New York, NY 10038

November 18, 2010
Re: Bring Back Street Patrols to Fort Greene Clinton Hill
Dear Commissioner Kelly:

I am writing to you to ask support in protecting something you helped to create, the current day neighborhoods of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.  Back in the early nineties you and then Mayor Dinkins initiated the Safe Streets program which initiated a precipitous decline in crime and fostered the renaissance of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.  Thank you for helping to create such a vibrant neighborhood.
Fort Greene and Clinton Hill are now destination locations for both tourists and native New Yorkers.  Our streets are alive with scenes of shoppers, sightseers, and increasingly young families enjoying my great neighborhood.  I want these scenes to continue but they and my family are being threatened.
Crime is now on the rise in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill and the time has come again to bring back the successes of Safe Streets.  What I am speaking of specifically are neighborhood foot patrols, more commonly known as the neighborhood Beat Cop.
You have been attentive to my neighborhood and I appreciate your recent additional emphasis in apprehending perpetrators of crime. As a proactive force you demonstrated the Beat Cop of the Safe Streets program was highly effective in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Beat Cops in the early nineties not only provided a visible deterrent to crime but also became part of our neighborhood fabric. I would like to see the Police as part of my neighborhood again.
So please Commissioner Kelly help protect and strengthen what you started decades ago.  Let's bring back Beat Cops to Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.


Monday, August 30, 2010


Cumberland Block Association


Block Party!
Saturday September 11th

Stoop Sale:  10 – 4
Kids activities:  2 – 4
Potluck dinner/Bbq:  4 – 6
(street closed 10–6 – please move cars in advance)

BRING your own chair and beverage

·    Folding tables
·    BBQ grills
·      DJ (if you have a sound system to play outside you qualify)
·    Kids activity organizers

if you can contribute any of the above items please email

for info :

**Please print the flyer and distribute to your neighbors!**

Meeting notes from last Cumberland Block Association meeting on Thursday, August 26th

Hi neighbors!

Here are notes from our last block association meeting, held at Karen and Andy's place.

Block Party 
Saturday September 11th

  • Stoop Sale: 10 – 4
  • Kids activities: 2 – 4
  • Potluck dinner/BBQ: 4 – 6
  • (street closed 10–6 – please move cars in advance)
  • Bring your own chair and beverage and an item to contribute for dinner
  • Needed: grills for BBQ, Folding tables, DJ and kids games coordinator.  Please email cumberlandblock@gmail.com if you can contribute any of these items.
  • Annabelle will hang No Parking Signs
  • Tokumbo and Sheethal will distribute and hang Block Party signs
  • Jack will invite precinct
  • Tokumbo will invite Tish
Ideas welcome!

Trees pits and guards 
  • Jack brought an application for tree guards from Marty Markowitz's office (courtesy of Peter (308))
  • The application is due September 17th to Marty's office
  • The group chose the square design displayed in the application
  • Sheethal has distributed a document to each owner whose property is adjacent to a tree pit.  Each owner must give permission to obtain a tree guard.  Please complete and sign this form and put in Sheethal's mailbox (311) asap for enclosure with application.  Please print Cumberland Block Association in the space for organization name
Sewer Work
  • If anyone has any sewer work they need to do, please coordinate with Toland (297).  He has work to do and will see if he can can the work done before they repave the street, so they don't have to rip it up
  • Howard talked about extending the historic district in a couple areas
  • Howard recommended we work with the block association on Cumberland b/t Lafayette and DeKalb.  We will invite them to the block party as a first step.
Please feel free to leave comments below or email cumberlandblock@gmail.com with any questions.